Energy Savings Tips

Need some energy savings tips? Climate change is becoming a hot topic these days as studies showed that our earth is becoming warmer and the ice has been melting in places where it had not happened before. This is causing flooding in some parts of the world and drought in another part.

Hence it is pertinent for us to preserve mother earth by using some of the energy savings tips in our daily lives whether you are at home, travelling or at work.

While Travelling 

  • Vehicle Tyres Pressure. If you have your own vehicle to move about, make sure that the pressure of the tyres are inflated according to the recommendation of the manufacturer. You will get more mileage per gallon of fuel if the pressure of the tyres are fully inflated. Check the pressure every fortnight. This simple step helps to reduce the fuel consumption and indirectly conserve the fossil resources of the earth.

  • Vehicle Maintenance. Maintain your vehicle in good condition. Change the engine oil and filter based on the service schedule provided by the technician. Well maintained vehicle is more efficient in fuel consumption, safer and has less greenhouse gases emission.

  • Drive Efficiently. When driving, do not brake suddenly or do hard acceleration except during emergency. Try to drive in constant speed. Remove any load that is not needed from your vehicle. This helps to ensure efficient fuel consumption and reduction of wear and tear.

  • Plan Trip. Plan your trip intelligently by combining several trips into one. The fuel used when the engine is not warmed up is twice as much as when the engine is warm.

  • Use Public Transport. Where possible, use the public transport or car pool with your friends to get to your regular destinations everyday. Cycling is another alternative that you can consider. It helps to exercise the body and eliminate the dependence on fossil fuel.

Energy Savings Tips At Home 

  • Appliances that you purchased should ideally be energy efficient. Look out for the Energy Star label as this confirms that the equipment is designed with enery efficiency in mind. Change your incandescent buld to energy savings or LED bulb. 

    If you can afford it, change the old refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioning appliances to the one that use less energy. Inverter type of motor uses 20% to 40% less energy than the conventional type.

  • Air Conditioning uses the most electricity at home. Set the cooling temperature to 75°F or 24°C or higher to reduce the energy consumption. Use fans together with the air conditioners to provide better comfort. By increasing the thermostat setting, you are helping to reduce the electricity consumed and hence less fossil energy is used.

  • Recycle boxes, plastic containers, plastic bags and glass by reusing them where possible. Take your own bags when purchasing goods from the departmental stores. Recycling the paper helps to save trees that are needed to absorb the carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

  • Computers should be off or place in sleep mode when not in used for a long time. A study show that a computer that is left idling for a year will consume more than 1,000 kWh per year. Set the automatic shut-down when the computers are not in used for more than an hour. Use LCD monitors instead of CRT monitors as they consume less energy.

  • Water should be used wisely. Each litre of water has to be purified and distributed to your home by the processing plant. Do not let the water running while shaving or brushing your teeth. Use partial flush system for your WC. Install water saving shower system for your bathroom.

  • Consume local food whenever possible. Frozen food that is imported takes 10 times more energy to produce compared to the local food.

  • Trees at the compound of your house should be planted to help absorb the carbon dioxide and provides oxygen for use to breathe. They also provide shades that help to reduce the energy required by the air conditioner to cool the house.

  • Solar Water Heater is another option that you can do to eliminate the dependence on electric water heater. Though the initial installation cost is higher, you will get the savings in electricity in the long run.

Energy Savings Tips In The Office 

  • Reduce Travelling by using the telephone or teleconference whenever possible. This helps to save money, time and the carbon emissions. Air travel produces a lot of carbon emission into the atmosphere.

  • Paperless is the way to go with the advancement of IT. Store your data in digital format instead of printing hard copy whenever possible. Use both sides of the paper when printing or photostatting.

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