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Are you using any HVAC applications in your smart phones or tablets? If you are not, consider downloading some of the useful applications in your daily work or research. There are simple applications that are provided free while others charge a fee to download them to your electronic devices. If your device is using iOS or Android operating system, chances are that you will be able to find many good apps in heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Keeping abreast with the latest IT technology will ensure that your business continues to thrive by utilizing good software that help to minimize error as well as increase productivity. You will no longer have to carry hardcopies reference tables or data to help you in the installation of devices.

Most of the references can now be installed in your smart devices. Here are some of the free apps that you can download to your device. Make sure you check that the software support the operating system of your smart phone or tablets.

If you are using android OS, you can search for the apps at GOOGLE Play and Apple Store if the OS is iOS. If you do not want the apps, uninstalling them is simple and straight forward. 

1. DUPONT Pressure/Temperature Calculator HVAC Applications

If you are a technician who need to use the typical refrigerant data all the time especially in the field, this apps by Dupont is a good tool that you can download and use. The pressure and temperature calculation are done using the software instead of the conventional Pressure/Temperature Chart that was the norm before the invention of smart phones and tablets.

The DUPONT specifications and data of the refrigerants are provided in the HVAC applications. Data that is critical for the installers that is featured here include:

  • Temperature Glide
  • Composition
  • Application
  • Critical Pressure
  • Critical Temperature
  • Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Global Warming Potential

Dupont Pressure Temperature Calculator

Dupont Refrigerants R-410A

Dupont Mobile Apps

The commonly used refrigerants included in the apps:

  • R12
  • R22
  • R402A
  • R410A
  • R404A
  • R407C
  • R417A
  • R422A
  • R422D
  • R502
  • R507A

2. Convert Units For Free

This is another application that is built for iOS by John Temple Group and has many features to convert from one type of unit to another equivalent unit. It even can convert one currency to another.

Over 20 million of this app has been downloaded by users. The other good point of this software is that it is regularly updated to ensure bugs are fixed and new features are added.

You can convert density, mileage, volume, area or simply create your own conversion unit. A good and handy tool within your pocket size smart phone or tablets. 

Convert Units For Free Apps

Unit Conversion Apps

Many other apps have been developed for the HVAC industry to help professionals, technicians, lecturers, students and home users to get information and calculations at the touch of a button. Head to the apps store and discover more...

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